Monkeybars 0.6 Examples

Hello Monkeybars – (Download)

A super simple demo application with a single text field and one button. Ideal for someone who wants to see just the basics.

Flickr Browser – (Download)

Demonstrates the basic usage of Monkeybars 0.6 including all the new features introduced in 0.6 such as signals, the transfer and the manifest file. Demonstrates using external jars.

Monkeybars 0.5 Examples

Simple RSS Reader – (Download)

Demonstrates basic usage of the Monkeybars library and usage of standard Ruby libraries within the app. This is the sample app created for our first screen cast. You can run the app directly (a compiled version is included) or you can set up a new project. I suggest Netbeans 6 as that is what I used to create the form.